Personal Details

  • Name: Anshu Prateek
  • Email: anshu.prateek[AT]
  • GTalk : ansh.prat
  • Y! messenger anshuprateek[AT]

Presently working as a Service Engineer with Yahoo!

Open Source Development Experience

Have worked under the Google Summer of Code program 2008 as a contract worker for the project OpenID Attribute Exchange Implementation with Drupal. (what is openID AX ?) Very little work has been done to implement OpenID AX so far. Owing to lack of suitable references/examples, I had to read the specifications of the protocol and then device my ways of implementing them. This project has been mentored by James Walker


Project home page

Download project release


I am a core member of the team responsible behind Pragyan CMS v2. This CMS is an in house application developed using eclipse IDE and using PHP5 OO concepts and MySQL.
This CMS has been implemented at the following site

NITT Webteam Alumni page

We are further working upon it to make it more generalised. My part in this CMS was majorly(but not limited to) in the part of article module, which included a WYSIWYG editor(we used FCKEditor), an uploads section, a history of the last edited pages, user registration, user email verification, account activation, user authentication and login, password reset features, gallery etc.

The Pragyan CMS is hosted on sourceforge and is available for download at

Work/Internship Experience

Presently working with Yahoo! as a Service Engineer for Search.

Have worked under the three months long Google Summer of Code program 2008.(May-Aug 2008.) The project is OpenID Attribute Exchange Implementation with Drupal. (more..)Google Summer of Code is open source initiative by google, wherein students from around the world are encouraged to participate in the open source community.

Have worked extensively with php and MySQL while developing the Pragyan CMS. While the development of Pragyan CMS, I had an extensive hands-on experience using Trac and SVN, both of which were setup locally and authenticated using LDAP.

Also I have worked upon setting up of a mail server ( using postfix and dovecot and authenticating and managing the users of the same using LDAP.
I further have a working experience of a web-server administration including setting up of firewall using iptables, customization of various services/daemons as per the requirements and to improve their security level.

Academic Experience

Am a Metallurgical and Materials Engineering graduate from the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli.

Am a National Talent Search Scholar  (NTSE) holder (2003).

Did my secondary schooling from Delhi Public School, Noida.

Class X   CBSE  93.6%    2003

Class XII  CBSE  80.2%   2005
Was a Central web-team member of the college, responsibilities including maintenance of the college website which runs on a custom in-house built CMS.
Also I was responsible for various application development for the college LAN. I have been working with PHP and MySQL for the past five years.



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  3. Hi…I m Priyanka Singh from Nit Jamshedpur ,computer science dept.I really appreciate ur work and would u plz suggest me which project I can take up which suits my branch .Plz email me ur suggestion at the given email id.

  4. hi.. your works are really impressive..
    i am a third year CSE from NIT Warangal..
    can u suggest me some project in the areas of cryptography or any other fields of computer science?? waiting for ur response..

  5. hi …..i m Anmol from NITK SURATHKAL doing my engineering in metallurgical and materials.It would be very helpful if you can give me some guidance
    regarding choosing a project there at iitk ……….plzzzz mail me

  6. hi.. m sneha… m a BTECH BIOTECH 3rd year student 4m srm univ…. m seekin 4 a suitable project n i need ur suggestion would u plz help me ?ill b very thankful 2 me on my id.plz…


  8. hi.. m satyam… m a BTECH EC 2nd year student 4m srm univ…. m seekin 4 a suitable project n i need ur suggestion would u plz help me ?ill b very thankful 2 me on my id.plz…

    and is this possible to do training in HBTI or IIT,..

    i want to do training there..

    what they required from student..

    i mean merit on other skills…..of diff… course

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