Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 28, 2009

The missing pain..

Been ever in love with the pain? So much as that you start missing the pain itself when its not there? Guess thats what a sweet pain is all about. Or maybe its the harsh realisation that the pain was your sole company all this time and now even thats not there any more. Another clear cut indication to move on. But you need something to move on to right? Don’t know. Another of my blabbering blogs. After a long time. Miss you pain.



  1. tch tch ! You need to know the pain first because how else will you be able to appreciate being happy or even being okay ? Its the ‘being miserable’ part that helps you move towards being not so and that is the thing you keep moving to in the belief that someday you could connect the dots back.

  2. dei..
    What am saying is that you realise the pain, you know all about it, and then all of a sudden, one morning, you realise that the pain is not there anymore! And then you start to feel as if something is amiss.

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