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Yahoo! Analytics



Many of you must have heard of Google Analytics. Some of you who are webmasters for any site might have also used it. But have you ever heard of Yahoo! Analytics? Well, Yahoo! Analytics has been in the market for about six months now. Yahoo!, in april 2008, acquired a company called Tensa Kft., a Hungarian company known professionally as IndexTools, which makes marketing analytics tools for the Web. Google on the other hand had acquired urchin in march 2005 and therafter rolled out a public, free version of the web analytics tool.
Anyway, the Yahoo! version of analytics seems to be superior to its google counterpart in the sense that Yahoo! Analytics gives you a realtime update of the stats whereas google analytics gives you access only to 24 hours and older data. Also, the screenshots and some of the reviews that I ve seen about yahoo! analytics make it seem better to me than google analytics.

Also, as per one news piece “Yahoo! Web Analytics Leaps Ahead of Google Analytics for Enterprise Use

Unfortunately my first hand experience of Yahoo! analytics has not been all that great so far! Its acting like windows! I dont know where to go?! So far I haven’t been able to find the JS code that am suppose to put up in order to install it on my site. hmmm. Maybe Yahoo! still relies heavily on its customer support to let the wanton users help use it for their site opposed to Google’s approach to click 1,2,3 approach.

Some of you might ask me to go and RTFM, but here are some of the pages I ve viewed trying to help myself. Just check and see if these pages actually help you to do what you want, namely install Yahoo! analytics.

Then I stumbled upon this page

User Guides having this installation guide.

That too wasn’t of much help as it asked me to “login” to my Yahoo! analytics account. Well, I had already tried to login to the analytics page using my standard Yahoo! credentials and this is what I got

Sorry, there are no Yahoo! Web Analytics services associated with the Yahoo! ID: anshuprateek [AT] ymail [dot] com
What would you like to do now?

* Sign in with a different Yahoo! ID?

Now will someone please tell me how can I create my own Yahoo! analytics account?

Post from the man at the Yahoo! Analytics helm about the Yahoo! Analytics launch!

Post containing screenshots and information about the latest version 9.5 of Yahoo! Analytics.



  1. Yahoo! Web Analytics is available to customers with managed Yahoo! Store or Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts. It is not possible to just log in with your Yahoo! ID as you must have an account first. It is not possible to just sign up for it.

    I hope this helps!

  2. Agreed with Exxx , i m a webmaster and tried finding yahoo analytics for ( but found that only managed Yahoo! Store or Yahoo! Search Marketing account holders can use that for the time being..

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