Posted by: h4ck@lyst | April 18, 2009

What’s on your mind? What are you doing?

These two are the taglines used by facebook and twitter respective around their status msg/update/micro blog box. And I just realised that the answer to the two need not be the same. For example, at this very instance, the facebook’s question of what’s on your mind resulted in eliciting the following as my response..

“somethings up on my mind. But just as I signed the first legal document/contract of my life, am left alone to wonder what all can I put up here in public on the livewire! hmmm…. back to the old days of my dear diary?!”

And I just switched tabs and went over to twitter tab. And the question over there “What are you doing?” elicited the following response
“Waiting for the future!?!”

Ok, now personally I can vouch that both these responses relate to the same train of thoughts, but this gives us a valuable insight into the human psychology. Even though the person you are talking to might be thinking along the same line as you, its not necessary that he will answer you the way you want him to. The right answer depends on the right question. Just like its said, ask me no questions, I ll tell you no lies.
I remember something I read in my english class as a kid. Question tags or Tag Questions. hmmm…


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