Posted by: h4ck@lyst | April 11, 2009

Apple countdown!

Well, Apple is about to hit one billion apps! It has posted a nice count-up on it website!

I have put in here the source and the files required for just the coundown part. Hack it away to your own use to glory! 🙂

Download this file, rename the extension to .zip (since wp doesnt allow to upload .zip, but they dont really check for file type but just the file extension.. lolz! )
extract the zip and open the index.html 🙂



  1. Hi, this is a great countdown!!!

    I`m trying to make it go backwards but can´t. I´ll keep trying.

  2. Thanks a lot, I was looking for something like this… but I’m not a developer, can you tell me how can I use it?

    I would like to use it as a counter of times that a visitors on my site makes a transaction… as a global transaction counter.


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