Posted by: h4ck@lyst | April 10, 2009

Social Networking sites — A bit too many??

What am I going to tell you in this post. A lil about my online habits, about the scores of multiplicity of social networking sites, about how they confuse me ( and in general us all) and about  a new term that I learnt today, “scareware” in association with the conficker worm.

Alright, lets get rolling!

Am presently on about a dozen of major online networks, of which facebook is the most used one. (Yeah am giving out personal information and not blaming google for once). The others that I use are orkut, twitter, spotm, delicious and wordpress. That along with google search constitute a majority of the urls that I manually type in the address bar and do not go by clicking on one link or the other.

Anyway, coming down to the main issue. The multiplicity of the social networking sites. Some days back I had put it in one of my microblogs,  dont remember which one, I use three of them- facebook ” whats on your mind”, gmail in-built gtalk status message and twitter. It said the multiplicity of it all is mind-boggling. What is “it”?

But of course, our very own social networking sites.

Just have a look at the sheer number of *some* of the most popular social networking sites. This wikipedia list has some 142 listed social networking websites! And it doesn’t include spotm, an India specific social networking site being worked upon by yahoo! I couldn’t edit the wikipedia page at the moment as my i.p is blocked for the time being. That issue in some other post later.

Anyway, 142 social networking sites! Even considering that all of them are generous enough to autoregister me on their site and on an average I take about 30 seconds to successfully login to a site, I ll be wasting over an hour in just logging into all these sites!

And the worst thing is the absence of openID support on them. Seriously guys, you have openId support on your site, you have me! And lots of more people who wont mind logging into your site if they don’t ve to fill in a stupid registration form.

Ok, that was something I wanted to say about the sheer number of social networking sites. And the lack of openId support on them.

Lets move to something else.


Now whats that? You have heard of malware, trojan, viruses but not scareware!

Neither did I untill today(me bless my stars for being on a linux system )

Alright, a scareware is a fake security software. Often called “scareware” for its habit of trying to spook users with bogus infection warnings — then dunning them with endless pop-ups until they fork over up to $50 to buy the useless program — such rogue antivirus software has become a huge business, large enough for even Microsoft to worry about!{source}

This was something I read on an entry about the Conficker worm. Apparently Conficker has been now tied up up with a major increase in such scarewares.

Alright, so that was it for this post! What all did I tell you? I told you a little about my online habits including usage of delicious and twitter, the humongus number of online social networking sites (142 on the least as per wikipedia), a lil intro on scarewares that are fake security programs giving you false alarms about security and asking you to buy useless programs and a lil about conficker which has led to a major increase in these scarewares!

Ok, so until next time, sayonara!


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