Posted by: h4ck@lyst | April 10, 2009

it’s raining in trichyland?!

11:32 AM Arvind: it’s raining in trichyland?!
11:33 AM me: is it?
read that somewhere
not sure though
Arvind: lol, where are you dude?
me: sunlab
Arvind: just look out and check? πŸ˜›
me: oh yes it is
Arvind: πŸ˜€
11:34 AM me: see you know more tha me abt whats happening outside my sweet sunlab
that should ve gone into my rem
I ll put this in my blog
11:35 AM Arvind: Haha
and i am not even in trichy πŸ˜›
me: I know
thats the best part πŸ™‚
yups now I remember
11:36 AM read that in one of friends fb status
Arvind: haha
it’s currently on sathya’s gtalk status. but you can’t view those πŸ˜›
me: oh ya
11:37 AM saw that now..
should I disable the hide status msg thingy?
11:38 AM Arvind: i donno! up to you! you have missed a lot on mine }:) i have incriminated you without yuo knowing one bit about it πŸ˜€
me: lolz
I dont care
Arvind: hehehehehehehe
11:39 AM what you doing?
me: blogging
after a long time

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