Posted by: h4ck@lyst | February 19, 2009

Full… and Blanks… !

Let me first and foremost tell you what all I am going to tell you in here. About the title of the post. My life so far in this sem. My trip to Saarang@ IIT Madras. Pragyan and the end of it, my ongoing cycle tests and the coming trip to Rameswaram.

Now lets begin with the post.
Well a strange title for the post. Now why did the post was named so. I have been full of emotions and thoughts over the past few weeks. And many a times I felt like blogging my heart out but didn’t really get the time. I was microblogging in my gtalk and facebook status messages. Somehow I haven’t hooked onto twitter in all that a big sense yet. Anyways my twitters will be a bit too long for twittering. 😛
Ya, so today I walk into the lab after finishing off my first day of cycle tests. Again a barge of emotions hit me. I feel as if I should blog. I realise I ve time enough to blog. So I logged into my blog. Approved about a dozen of comments requesting for information and project help about surge and iit and others. And then went to create a new post link. And then… ____________! Yes. A blank, A complete blank. I thought for a second about the situation and then put in my condition in as few words as possible in the title. Of course it could be more terse, but knowing me, 3 words are too little. So Full… signifies the whirlpool of emotions thats going in there inside me. And the blank is what I faced whence I tried to blog it out.

Ok, Now the life this sem so far.
Left home on 3rd of Jan. My coach was a stupid one without any socket for laptops :(. So passed my time with books and occasional checking mails on the backup. Reached college on 6th morning. Things were ok between me and >>> at that time. Pragyan was on the horizons. We were all busy working for it. Then came my bad luck. And just like I had envisaged, things got screwed up within a week! 🙂

Anyways, then there was Pragyan for me to be busy with. And loads of work to keep me occupied and to keep me from thinking about not so stupid things in life. And then Pragyan started. Man! Was it an adrenaline rush! Last minute deadlines. ID cards, banners, servers, configurations, control room, printers, projectors, this, that and what not! Guess these four days were the best day of my college life. Or rather the best days of my life so far. Being a cORe member of Pragyan is an altogether different experience. You are at the helm of the things. Knowing and deciding things first hand.

Now that Pragyan is over, it seems as if it was such a short affair. Did it really last four days and did we really prepare for 8 months! Wasn’t it yesterday that the core was decided, dates were finalised, the inaugral ceremony and lo.. here I am done through with the valediction as well!

Today’s the New Indian Express has a nice photograph and article about the Pragyan core! Its a proud moment and a sentimental one as well. Right now am planning to pull along the entire core for a trip!

And the last thing, my ongoing cycle tests! Man.. do I love final sem! Cycle tests virtually over in a day! Both my core papers were scheduled in slot A and B. So I was done with them on first day. My other two electives are slots E and G. So, I can have a nice time in between them. And in between comes a weekend, wherein am off to Rameswaram and Kanyakumari with 11 other guys 🙂

Yay.. I love you life!
And am good. I know am saying good bye to modesty 🙂
See you all soon!



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