Posted by: h4ck@lyst | December 5, 2008

Surge 2009 IITK (IIT Kanpur)

My last post about surge 2009

Well, seems like the IIT K people are yet to put in a detailed informational page for NIT students. Like I had mentioned in earlier posts about SURGE 08 (am a bit too lazy to find that post and link it up in here, poor SEO :(, the IIT K surge pages are some how not all that clear immediately. Apparently the Surge 2009 was announced only on Nov 25th, but I posted about it some 10 days before the announcement! And there are some more things about them, which I better not talk about (PS: AJ:: What say 😛 )

Here is the detailed information sheet for IIT K students ONLY.

This deadline is for IIT K students only. For further details please contact the contacts mentioned on this page. (PS: Am not sure if these contact persons are only for IITK students or for NIT students as well)

Timeline for 2009 Summer Undergraduate Research Programme Selection
(IIT Kanpur students only):

Announcement of SURGE 2009 Program
25th November 2008
Submission of Application Packets
25th December 2008
Announcement of Short-listed Students for Presentations
31st December 2008
Announcement of Selected Students
7th January 2009
Please contact Mrs. Anamika Dixit Vajpai for sending the filled in Application forms and for any enquiry at:

Mrs. Anamika Dixit Vajpai
Tele: 0512 259 7326
Room No.: FB 264
Office of the Dean, Resource Planning and Generation
IIT Kanpur -208016

If you have a query on SURGE 2009 Program of IIT Kanpur, write an email to

So, welcome to the 2009 edition of SURGE programme at IIT Kanpur!!

Yogesh M. Joshi
Faculty Member In-charge
SURGE 2009 Programme @ IIT Kanpur



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  2. Dude.. you can make it clear or garbled anything you want. Why do you care? 😀 We know who’s in charge!

    …waiting for those chicks… I’m counting on ya.

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  4. well i think i late. dates are out so can u inform me for next year dates early

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