Posted by: h4ck@lyst | October 20, 2008

Its the participation that matters..??

Whoever said that must have had been either a loser or must have been consoling one. First and foremost, let me say in the beginning itself that the loser who prompted me to write this post is no one else but me only. And what and where I lost is of little importance. But this was the first time that I understood that participation aint the only thing always. And when you have lost, you have lost. No matter by how much. Even if you lost by just one mark, you stand at the same level as the one who has scored a duck. Coz at the end of the day neither of you won.

Many a times the participation does matter and its an optimistic way of looking at things in that light but still maybe at the end of the day its the war that you won that matters and not the battles that you fought! Make winning a habit. But be gracious to accept a defeat and then strive with double the rigour to win it over!



  1. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU????????????????
    been trying to call for days… tera phone unreachable ja raha hai!! no replies to my mails… are u still in bihar or are u back in trichy??????????
    call me..

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