Posted by: h4ck@lyst | July 30, 2008

New third seat in Indian Railways!

This was something I found on my way back to Trichy from bangalore by train. The Indian Railways have now put up a *new* third middle seat in the side. I mean the side seats, parallel to the aisle now have a new *middle* seat just the way its in the inside bearths! I intended to took photographs, but I was way too tired at that time and I was still asleep in the morning when the train pulled into the station, so never got to take one! It was not a new coash but rather a refurbished one. And because of it our reserved seat numbers had been changed. The side upper bearth has been further moved upwards to make space for the middle bearth. This middle bearth opens up in turns of two right angle turns, i.e, when its folded, it lies parallel to the upper bearth and very near to it. The reservation chart stated apologies for the changed seat numbers and mentioned that full refund will be given to any and everyone to whom the new seating system is not acceptable. I assume its a trial run by the Indian Railways to further improve their revenues. Indian Rail Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav did manage to turn a white elephant into a milking cow! More on this as and when I find out some or get to take some pics!



  1. A post fed to Nittians already made that discovery about a week back

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