Posted by: h4ck@lyst | July 29, 2008

Do you print and send your emails?

Well am assuming that most of you’ll answer to the question as ‘no’. And few who do manage to print their emails do it for reference sake or for some purpose or the another. Now the reason why this stupid question came to my mind is the course registration process in our college. For people who passed outta this college before 2007, this could be news. Yes now we do have course registration in every sem, following the patterns of course choosing and registration in the west. But there is a slight. err.. , ahm, *major* variation out here. We dont really get to choose anything! Course registration is supposed to be meant so that a pupil can choose a course taught by a faculty he would like to be taught by. But we dont really have an option when it comes to either courses or the faculty. Worse, many a times even the so called *electives* are forced upon us cause of one reason or another.
Well, coming back to the actually intended topic of this post. Do you print and send your emails? The reason I asked is this. Our course registration is online. We have to go to an intranet site and register our courses. And then take a printout of that registration slip in duplicate and submit it to the department office! Now I find this pretty stupid. The course registration itself in the first place is pretty useless for the reasons mentioned above and then I don’t see a reason for as to why we should put into hard copy something thats easily available to everyone including the administration on LAN. One thing is/could be lack of training. (My department office assistant won’t let me use my pendrive on the office comp for fear of viruses). Anyways. That was it for the time being. Will be blogging soon about my google bangalore visit as a part of the soc meet 🙂



  1. They should rename our ‘electives’ as ‘selectives’.

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