Posted by: h4ck@lyst | July 1, 2008

OSS camps!

Am planning to attend the phpcamp to be held in pune on 20th September 2008 (saturday).

But of course if there are no dates clash with our respected placements!

“PHPCamp is a ‘ad-hoc gathering‘ for PHP community. It similar to barcamp , but more focused towards PHP based web application development. This means that anyone can come to PHPCamp and participate.”

And whats more, I might even have a opportunity to speak at the camp! If I get to attend it, I ll be speaking on my GSoC experience and about drupal in general.

Also there is the OSScamp Bengaluru Mobile 2008 to be held on july 18th. Lets see if I get to attend it also. Being in my final year now I plan to grab onto as many of these as possible.
Coming to GSoC, mid term evals are around the corner. They start from july 7th. Am almost done with my prep for mid term evals. Launching new sandboxes to test the setup. Will let you know soon more as and when things get done!



  1. Hmm.. u wanna go?
    Even i want to come..
    and plus its the time during festember.. and i am writing my gre on 18th.. so we can leave from blore on 18th nite.. wat say?

  2. hmmm.. sure why not! But you should not have mentioned festember!!! That makes me feel like..
    i) Going home instead
    ii) Having the last blastful year in the college! You know with whom 😛

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