Posted by: h4ck@lyst | June 19, 2008

captcha.. gotcha.. dumb, dumber, dumbest!

Recently went to the kpn travels site and tried to register with them. The fact that its a .asp site and my registration failed and I didnt try the second time is a different story, but this post is about the captcha they use!

On first look, I thought it was, NStQ.

On Second thought, it seemed like ZSXQ.

So I decided to save the captcha picture so that I can blog about it later! And voila, I knew it was ZSXQ! How did I know? Coz the image name was ZSXQ.jpg!!!

Am sure this captcha will fool many a bots 😛

If only their microsoft server will let them hook up some more customers!



  1. rofl 😛

  2. Ha! Why don’t you code something and crash their server? Some one billion sign ups per hour or something? 😛

  3. First let me able to signup normally on their site 😛

  4. atleast you havent come across those stupiid sites where they ask you to enter all those characters on which there is some stupid cat attached to! they all look like having some stupid cat attached to them in someway or the other..
    i guess it was rapidshare or some other file sharing site.. do not remember it!!

  5. And how was the BLORE trip?? 😉

  6. no blogs on that yet!! 😛

  7. sigh.. yups the bangalore trip was good.. Maybe will post abt it soon..

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