Posted by: h4ck@lyst | June 7, 2008


Its been a long time since I put in a personal post! And with this blog now going to a couple of aggregators (, and some google readers, I guess I ve to be pretty nonchalant about it. Thought once of using my old blogspot account to maintain a personal account, but then if I do put in any words about myself, I ll rather play it nice and cool and put it here in a civilized way, rather than letting the words run off my mind when am in a not so sane condition.

And now that am here, its still a pain to blog about it. Maybe it will the old paper-pen way or maybe I ll talk it out to someone or maybe it will be laid to rest within the deep fathoms of the human mind.


How could it be that one person, one object of a class make you hate the entire class itself? How could any and everything even remotely connected to the person make you boil in anger. How can anything that you ever discussed about the person make you loathe him or the things related. I guess it will take time to settle down. And if I know myself, it would be a thing of the past in another four years. Coz thats how long is my attention span. Not that I forget things after the fourth year, but then they stop hurting. Or maybe donot hurt to such an extent that they ll be noticeable. Its a mean world. Keeps usurping new pains at you every now and then. Ofcourse there is the usual dose of sprinkled happiness in between, but more often than not it has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

I realised something very late. More often than not, I usually get all that I want. Or maybe the right thing to say will be that I often get all that I really want and that upon or for which I work. Well that aint really surprising, is it? I mean if you do really want something and do work hard for it, then yuo are bound to achieve what you desire, or rather what you deserve.

I rather use these words to console myself as of now. Coz maybe it aint what I really desire, or deserve for that matters!

Finished off  FIrst Darling of the morning today. Its a nice enough book. Though maybe I liked it coz I could relate to it at some points and wished had some of that life at other points.! And as usual, any and everything that I do, reminds me of the person am concerned with for the time being.

And what should you do when a decision you have made makes you sad but you know that in the long run its gonna be beneficial, most probably. Or maybe I just wish I had it.

Don’t bother if none of it makes any sense. Its just an online public diary entry.



  1. makes hell lot of sense to me! 🙂 good good.. keep going! lets the emotions come in motion! 😛 😛

  2. now that was chaat!

  3. Dude ! I see we both can have a hanging out session or something coz right now , I am in a similar situation and strangely enough it has to happen to us 🙂

    So whats up with SOC?

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