Posted by: h4ck@lyst | May 31, 2008

New google favicon!

Has the big G become the small g?

“Google continues to grow and grow, but one of their self-proclaimed core values is “Think and act like an underdog”.”


what more to say? The favicon changed hasn’t been put to effect everywhere still. You might still get the old favicon. Or it maybe your browser cache.

And in another news.

Quick question!

Does yahoo use .asp?

Whats the best part? It was the first result when I querried google for inurl:”.asp”  inurl:”.a=”

(Though its not always the first result, not for me anymore )

And a similar result on yahoo adding inurl:”yahoo” failed to show me the page:(

Though searching the two search engines for surveylink yahoo gave me better results on yahoo.

However querrying for surveylinks yahoo failed me at both the places.

Let the saga continue!

War of the giants!


War of the search engines!

While I merrily code for the cotton 🙂

PS: even searching for “Coding for the cotton” failed me 😦


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