Posted by: h4ck@lyst | May 23, 2008

Sulphur experience, and some more..

Sulphur, for the uninitiated, is the code name for the latest Fedora release, Fedora 9.

The nomenclature of the fedora releases is pretty intresting.

“Name n and n+1 must share an is-a (not a has-a) relationship, but n and n+2 must not share the same is-a relationship as n and n+1.”

“Sulphur is an element that causes an adverse reaction (tarnishing) when it contacts silver. In mythology, it is a element used to drive away werewolves.”

“Werewolf is the name of a movie about a dude who turns into a werewolf. A werewolf also has an adverse reaction (death) when it comes into contact with silver.” (Fedora 8 was codenamed Werewolf)

Fedora 10 is codenamed Rawhide, try and find out the link 😛 ! (It seems scary though, real scary to me right now! )

Ok, enough about the name, now some review.

Installation as always is pretty straight forward. I again did the usual copy vmlinuz and initrd.img to /boot, edit the grub.conf to reflect the new options and then use the images on a local server to install using http.

Be careful that if you loose connection in b/w installation,  esp after formatting the disk, you might be unable to boot except w/o a bootable disk and then do a fresh reinstall. It happened with me that I lost the connection with the local server. Thankfully I was able to get it all up and running and was saved from the hassle of burning a DVD and then reinstalling.

SELinux is enabled by default in Fedora 9. Unlike in previous versions where you had the option to set SELinux to permissive during install itself, this time you have to do it after installation. SELinux drove me crazy for some 15 minutes vbefore I realized why I wasn’t able to access the locally set repos using either ftp or http.

To set SELinux to permissive , go to System>Administration>SELinux Management and set the default and current to permissive.

You also have the option to relabel on next reboot which I did. Dont ask me what does it mean.

Next thing. Pirut is gone.

It has been replaced by Package Kit.

I find yumex to be a better option though.

Firefox version is 3.0beta 5. Now that firefox 3.0 release candidate 1 is out, you should upgrade your firefox.

Openoffice bundled is v2. Again openoffice beta 3 is out and use it if you wanna use the MS Office 2007 file formats.(The software is not recommended for production use at this stage. There are no guarantees. For production, use open office’s most recent stable version.)

If you  are installing on a laptop, the default synaptics rpms have tapping click disabled.

Upgrade to the latest using these to have the tapping click enabled.

NVidia drivers do not yet support the new XOrrg server that ships with Sulphur. So people with nvidia cards cannot enjoy compiz as of now. Expect an update soon.

Try out gDesklets which are now in repos. ( dont remember whether they were with werewolf or not).

Fedora directory service , fedora’s implementation of ldap is now in the repos. Wish Sulphur had come out a week before. We just installed werewolf on one of our main servers as an upgrade was critical and we could’t wait enough 😦

The LCD brightness applet actually works now. It didn’t work for me in werewolf. My experience with hibernation was still bad. The machine didnt wakeup properly 😦

More on Sulphur and other stuff as and when I come across them.

PS: SoC starts next week 🙂 A lil frightened and a lot excited !:)



  1. Everyone at sun lab seems to be a Fedora Fan. Even I was a fedora fan. Heck, is running on fedora .

    Since I left college, I’ve been a big Ubuntu fan. Reasons aren’t really impressive, but I shifted to Ubuntu. And my intention to try out latest Fedora versions is getting less everytime I use ubuntu.

    Whatever be the desktop, I understand it is all User Experience. Question is – is fedora good enough for (a webserver).

    Also, since the whole is running on a CMS, how performant is it? Does it hit the db everytime i click on a page? Are you using cache?

  2. We tried out a lil php caching during pragyan, but something was rather slowing down the server. We didnt really know whether it was the caching or a buggy download at that time but didn’t really had the time at that time. You know how things get rushed up during the D days. Suren said he’ll be trying out caching once he comes back. I ll also see what can we do abt it. And about that 404 page.
    Well I tried Ubuntu a lil and maybe its my familiarity and ease with fedora that keeps me away from it. And wierd to say for an open source user but maybe am scared to shift away from fedora coz of the unfamiliarity with the other distros!
    And just while I was debating and seriouslly debating trying out Ubuntu, the recent ssl vulnerability issue gave me an execuse to stay away.
    Fedora also has its issues. The nvidia drivers are driving me crazy. I ve to switch to windows to watch a movie:(
    As for using fedora for a webserver, why not? Serves all the purpose at ease right. Though am all open to change if someone can really convince me for someother distro.

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Matchmaking.

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