Posted by: h4ck@lyst | April 16, 2008

April 21: ~12 noon PDT / 19:00 UTC

Sigh! Thats the time when as per, the results for gsoc 2008 will be announced!

Accepted student proposals will be announced on the Google Summer of Code home page.

Well am done with my practical exams for the sem, and after finishing up the tiny winy formalities now, or at the max tomorrow morning, will get down to studies full time! well hopefully atleast 😉

And the wait for the results! Its a bit agonizing, hopefully it’ll be selected and if selected i hope I get to be mentored by James Walker himself! It will be definitely a great experience! GSoC was the first time I actually interacted with people working on things I use! Well not actually. I have been interacting with my seniors who work in yahoo, adobe and IBM etc, friends who have done internships with google and got jobs also out there. Also people who got placed in google but are rather going in for higher studies. Sigh! But I mean people whom I completely dont know at all, like Geeklog mentors Dirk Haun and Tony Bibbs,

Drupal GSoC admin Károly Négyesi (chx) , James Walker (walkah)the person implementing OpenID in drupal(and hopefully my mentor) and a lil interaction with webchick and with David Anderson and Leslie Hawthorn (people with their!

Anyways guess I can put in my GSoC applications out in public in sometime soon! And hopefully it will be more of how to write a GSoC application suggestion for the participants next year than how not to!

Keeping my fingers crossed! People pray for me 🙂



  1. Good luck! The only thing that makes a little bit of sense to dumb ol’ me in that whole post is “OpenID” 😀

    Oh, and google of course.

  2. Thanks dude:D will definitely need hell lot of that in the forthcoming days!

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