Posted by: h4ck@lyst | April 10, 2008

Google services!

Well its been a long while since I quit wondering about the total number of services offered by google. They always keep coming up with something new. Well you can always get a list of various things offered by google at

and some more search features at

For example did you know that for converting one currenct to another you can use gogole search in a way like

100 USD into INR

You can also get a list of definitions by including the special operator “define:” with no space between it and the term you want defined. For example, the search [define:World Wide Web] will show you a list of definitions for “World Wide Web” gathered from various online sources.

Did you know that there is


and some more

Use Google to search within specific topics

Google’s special searches enable you to narrow your search to a specific topic.

Our Public Service Search offers educational institutions and non-profit organizations worldwide free SiteSearch.

Our University Search enables you to search to a specific school website. We now offer hundreds of schools. Try searching for things like admissions information, course schedules, or alumni news.

Google also offers these special searches:

Apple Macintosh

Then there is always

Another similar post in here with many more listings:



  1. Uber Noob

    Grow up, kid

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