Posted by: h4ck@lyst | April 9, 2008


Well its a pretty much personal post! Am now googleable on google images also:) And again thanks to my blog, its the very first result when you search for anshu prateek in the google images 🙂

(Its already changed:! Am not even there any more:(

Well I had been in the google search for quite some time now. Now all the top ten results in google search are mine only. 🙂

Ok maybe its a bit too much of gloating and shouting but it isnt everyday that one get to do that right?

Also just realised. There are image results from and Suren and Hari’s blogs too..:)

Other than this,

had the Pragyan CSG treat today at Royal Southern. It was nice. Before this we also had the Delta treat in b/w our cycle tests lolz. GSoC applications are now closed. Just updated my project roadmap for drupal application. OpenID Attribute Exchange implementation / integration in drupal. Will post the proposal soon after the results are out. Think I should nt be posting them right now as they are still in the process of being reviewed and ranked and are subject to changes as per the mentors queries.

Waise the GSoC results are gonna be out only on april 21. And my semester exams start on april 21! Lolz. So may be I should be studying for it right?

Hmm, not much of time left now.



  1. I never knew you were in the indiaparenting hall of fame list. That too a winner!

  2. :):):)

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