Posted by: h4ck@lyst | March 26, 2008

Google SoC

some here from my previous post

I have put in my first draft application in there. Its about integrating OpenID support with geeklog2. Well, this is the first time am participating in gsoc process, so I was pretty excited and unfortunately my usual impatient. So, a tip for people searching around on how to proceed with their soc application,

Dont be impatient after submitting your draft. You might have to wait for sometime ( maybe a day or two or more) before you get any comments/reviews on your draft proposal.

You can submit your draft through the web frontend but editing the detailed description is a bit restricted in there. You can edit your detailed desription only when a mentor posts a public comment/ asks for a clarification. So the easier way of doing it is to send your draft proposal through email to the contact us mail given at the respective organizations gsoc page.

I have chosen a project which is very much like the kind of work I ve been already doing. Lets see what happens. Hope my being impatient doesn’t get in the way of getting a gsoc. Wishing everyone else too all the best 🙂


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