Posted by: h4ck@lyst | March 20, 2008

A lot.. a lil.. n some more..

Lots of things are going on right now. Personal as well as otherwise. It seems like am in the eye of the tornado. All of it is so quiet so silent rt now. Or maybe the worst is already over.

Have got to talk to a lot of friends back from school over the last three days. And still somehow something seems to be missing. All of them seem to be pretty enthusiastic and looking forward to a gathering and meeting up. But somehow I just dont have that within me anymore. Last night I was talking to a very dear one, and still it seemed all so not happening. Maybe as usual I must be in singularity, but still..

Missing the turbulence. Calm waters are so disintresting to me I guess.

On the not so personal front.

Second cycle tests are around the corner. But before that am leaving for my seniors farewell at Kodaikanal tonight. Will post about the place and some pics.

And there are somethings that maybe simply cannot be captured in words. Or maybe I cant put them out here. Not coz I dont want to but maybe coz I dont want everyone to know about it. So maybe I ll go back to the old age of a real diary writing.

Time flies. Been quite sometime that I realised that. Am now looking forward to see where I ll be one year down the line, then three, then five then another five.

Google SOC

Well, need not introduce this to anyone out here I guess.

The Google Summer of Code (SOC) is an annual program, first held from May to August of 2005,[1] in which Google awards stipends to hundreds of students who successfully complete a requested free software / open-source coding project during the summer. The event draws its name from the 1967 Summer of Love (of the Sixties counterculture),[1] and the idea for the SOC came directly from Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page

I ll try for something based on PHP and MySQL. Lets see. Geeklog seems like an interesting mentor.

All the best to Suren for his SoC. He’s far more serious about it. I ll ve to talk to Hari to see what all is it all about. :!

I better go to class now. The class starts at 0920. Its 0940 rt now. :!



  1. […] some here from my previous post […]

  2. […] some here from my previous post […]

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