Posted by: h4ck@lyst | March 1, 2008

Pragyan ’08 is finally here

Well, it was day 1 of Pragyan 08.Dr. Amir Shapiro was simply fantastic. So was Dr. Prahlad. Well no point hiding my  bias for robotics 🙂  And my event is on last day. Working for it. CSG work is mostly done except for a couple of small minor glitches that just turn up at the last moment. Vishal is here. Alagu I guess is also turning up today. Pashank Shandey s here too. Nice time with all. Hey I again forgot. Its Ankit’s bithday today! happy Birthday Tangri! hmmm… what else. The turbulence 🙂 Its going on nicely. Though disappointing at times, but still. Monday I have double CPCs. 😦 And today am going to speak to a bunch of KV school students about IT and stuff. Well.. Am happy and glad to do such stuff. Long time since I did any such useful work. Also sat at the MoC table during infotainment while infotainment show but didnt get to do it. Well, mettle is always there. Was supposed to do an interview of Dr. Prahlad along with an AIR guy. Well.. :! or may be 🙂 Tired. Its been a week since I had proper square meals. 😦

Lined up for Day 2 of Pragyan’08

Simbot finals

Micromouse meet

and my talk to the school kids.

And Hari (not sp2hari 🙂 ) wore my RMI Tshirt today.. argh… ^*^&%**(

Pengufest s nice. Introduced me to a nice KDE environment application set. Am mostly a Gnome guy. Lets see if I work upon something that I have in mind.

What else. Well.. the twitterings on this blog of mine shall continue.. 🙂


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