Posted by: h4ck@lyst | February 26, 2008

Countdown to Pragyan ’08…

Well.. 2 more days to go for day 0…

Shit am scared.. Am a manager for one of the events at Pragyan ’08. Micromouse . Well and the arena for its is yet to be over completely. If anyone reads this am gonna be killed. But thankfully we still have 5 days to go before the event. Its on March 1. So hopefully all ‘ll be done by then.

Well another team that am associated with this Pragyan is CSG. having already detailed about one of our oversights, we had a major setback the night before. Our ldap crashed effectively setting our mail server unusable. Thankfully we had a backup as we were moving to a new server so the entire details of the ldap was already elsewhere. As of delta users, we had another way backup, though a bit old one.. Thankfully not much has changed in the delta ldap structure except for the addition of couple of sym and portals and some pragyan lan entries. So we were saved from a major setback. And again I realised setting up a ldap is not a mean job. Am yet to configure it successfully even once.

Well one thing that started way before the pragyan were quizzes. Be it for some prelims or the technical quizzes. Faced and solved a couple of issues. The latest one being in the case when the moderator had not entered the right answer. Unfortunately my code recursively called itself in that condition. Now I have set a flag and in this case it just proceeds without bothering to check again for that condition if its already been checked.

And the one person who has to stand through this all is evo.. aka.. Arvind.. Coz he s the manager for technical quiz..:)

And realised something more during the day.. a lil more turbulence.. but dont have time enough to think about them.. better think about myself and studies.. 🙂

see you at pragyan 08.. 🙂


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