Posted by: h4ck@lyst | February 23, 2008


Things happen.. and they dont..

The last week or maybe the entire sem so far has been one of a turbulent kind so far..

Nothing much on the professional end.. working as usual.. tried not to do night outs in octa before cycle tests and rather sit in room and study.. finally realised all over again that I can do only two things during night.. either work or sleep. 🙂

Cycles tests and exams are a fun time(at least for me) to sleep… you dont have to worry about assignments, classes, lab records, observations and all.. And I dont worry about studies anyways (lolz) so become so carefree and at ease during exam times.. 🙂

Well.. now coming to the turbulence..

I had thought within the first week of coming out here that I ll be finally settling it all down.. but it never happens.. Things never get over.. you try to end it all and then something else catches you up.. somethings make you feel sad and low.. and then its a real miracle how something very innocuous can really make you feel all light and better and leave with a slight smile inside..

But then when you further start probing, debating, dissecting that same small old thing, the smile kinda disappears. You start wondering if it was so then why couldn’t it be better. So thats why they say, you should be contend with what you get. Dream more but don’t be greedy. But how can you define when what you want is more than what is optimal..

Ok.. I can continue out here.. and I ll seriously like to.. But there’s work to be done.. See you at Pragyan ’08.

And will blog more on this turbulence and me and my studies (boring) and Pragyan soon..


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