Posted by: h4ck@lyst | February 8, 2008

Pragyan 08.

Pragyan is well on its way. And the hectic times have started off.Online quizes for various events are about to begin. Bugs are cropping up and are being debugged in the last few hours to go. Abhilash is down with fever. Sahil is also having cold. And I guess am also about to join the sick bay what with the cold and the ill feeling :! Thankfully Ankit is all up and running 🙂 He already had his term in the ill ward last weekend though :! Seems like Pragyan 08 is gonna be run around by.. err.. not so well people he he.. poor joke. And things also looking not so nice on the personal front. What with me fodoing a bomb at the very moment I set things right from my last bomb. he he. Its just out of habit I guess. Cycle tests are well on their way again. CPCs going on as ususal. Lets see if am “employable” or not. Had a couple of nice moments yesterday. And a small personal doubt that cropped up inside me. I have this bad habit of running after anything that I want like anything and loose complete interest in it the moment I achieve it. Thankfully all these things have been materialistic wishes so far only and only my phone has been able to escape that fate so far. I still care for my phone the way I did when I bought it abt an year back. Though true I have been a lil careless abt it recently but that I guess is more out of familiarity than anything else. Well the question that cropped up within myself is that whether I ll behave the same way with other ambitions/demands/wishes of mine? I dont know. And I hope I dont behave so. Well so far I have been responsible enough with the couple of non materialistic things that I wanted and got and hopefully it will remain the same.


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