Posted by: h4ck@lyst | February 7, 2008


Time. The unit of time. Second. Have you ever thought that many times the only thing that matters to you is that precious second. You get to know some great news only within a matter of seconds. You might all be sad and down then you just get to know something nice and things change within matter of seconds for you.True the opposite is also true. Things might all be ok if not rosy and then you hear something bleaky and turns you all sad. Your entire attempt might run over a period of time, say preparation for IITs but the most precious moment is when you get to know that you have cleared it, right.



  1. Hey,
    your blog is being listed in without your name. canyou fix it?

  2. @alagu.. hi.. ya know abt the bug.. taggy told me.. but am completely clueless as to how am supposed to fix it.. any suggestions?

  3. hmm… right

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