Posted by: h4ck@lyst | January 23, 2008

The Mayhem continues…

Well the Glug-T meeting is still on.. God knows what all is being discussed. I heard Quake-3 installation ( Sahil has already installed them on two comps in sunlab, and am doing on the third ;),

drivers issues, about newer Laptops not being able to support Linux due to driver issues for say Wi-Fi,

most of the new Laptops coming with OEM Windows, already having backup/system restore partitions, about taking backups of the users data before installing, etc etc, etc,.

Sahil:: Am sure someone will loose their data!

he he.. some time l8r..

Sahil:: What about Linux posters, charts etc for putting up on the Glug-T stalls.

Hari:: Err.. Can we use Office tools ? 😉

Ok Some hyper activity going on.. Some deadlines being setup to be done within one week, Adi (Donatello) volunteering to look up for some cool ads to be put up, Srinivas Prasad being made up kinda MTV err.. LRSL Bakra.. All the final years eagerly raising up their hands to show the last of their creative juices by creating posters, Hari again pitching in for MS tools.. looks like Manas is again catching up with him big time..

Me starting off with a photo session and then suren taking on from there..

its fun doing live reporting.. 🙂


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