Posted by: h4ck@lyst | January 23, 2008

Glug-T Discussion..

People came up with this nice idea of having a GLUG-T (Gnu/Linux User Group-Trichy) stall at Pragyan 08. The discussion started off amicably with the proposal being mooted and accepted whole heartedly by all. Then the discussion veered off to a li’l hot and touchy issue of whether to charge for the DVDs being given off or not. Well the issue was not about  whether the DVDs should be paid for not but rather this step was proposed so as to stop people from taking up DVDs just for the heck of it. The people will be offered installations of various distros (basically Fedora and Ubuntu), as in if they bring their Laptops or desktops, it will be installed with windows and linux or as they desire and they will be given a free DVD copy. But if they dont have their laptops or not possible for them to bring it their, they ll pay a nominal fee (Rs. 5!) for a DVD. Like I said its basically just a nominal fee to prevent people picking up the DVD just for the heck of it!

Then the discussion stepped over to timing, venue and people manning the stall. In b/w the discussion, we again came back to whether DVDs should be charged or not.


Meeting still in progress.. Live feed from LRSL..err.. from sunlab.. standby for updates..




  1. Oh wow, Glugt is still alive!?

    Nice stuff. Check this ->

  2. Yes, its still still alive and kicking. And we have it at Pragyan this time 🙂

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