Posted by: h4ck@lyst | January 20, 2008

losing it out..

Have been losing things so far this month..

My keys..

My earphones..

My ..

A lil faith..

and some more..

Ten days more to go.. and chances of me losing some more are still there.. Not only based on intuition but also coz of some of my acts :!

Went to sc to buy a piece of blade for some work. The kinda blades used in a traditional shaving razors. I had thought it would be a couple of Rs, say two or three or even say 3.50 at the max for a piece. For my surprise ( and much of shock as well) , one single piece of such a blade costed me Rs.7.50. I dont exactly remember when was the last time I bought one of those, never actually used that kind of razor except when I go to the barber.  But still am sure that it never used to cost that much.

Now that we are talking about it, in my XI when I was learning how to drive, I remember the petrol used to cost about Rs. 33.50, now its abt Rs.43.52. Current petrol prices in India.

One very interesting way of saving a li’l money out of your petrol bills


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