Posted by: h4ck@lyst | January 17, 2008

All in a days work.. cont.

Well, had something else up in my mind when I came here, but will now post about something else. The earlier thing was more on a personal note so it can wait.

As I mentioned in my Surge 2008 post, that because of the link being “on click” rather  than the usual “a href”, it wasnt there even on google. Now that I put the link on the blog, atleast it shows the actual link when searched for using the entire link location. 🙂 And thanks to that post, I got a couple of more hits on my blog. So thats one way of getting a few more visitors to your site. Actually thats an important way of getting people to your site, serve them what they are looking for.

I do usually go through my blog stats and search for the various search engine terms that sent me the visitors, see where do I stand in those search items and try to improve upon the content that people were looking for.

Made a personal promise to myself in the morning. That kinda pepped up the morning, giving a kickstart to a day that had earlier begun with a very bumpy and sloppy take off. Then in the noon hour something happened. The realisation was like a jolt out of the blues from nowhere. I knew I had fallen down but never knew or realised that I’ll lose the very essentials that I was proud of. 😦

Its a folly of the past with definite consequences on the future. Am sorry I acted in the stupid way I did in the past. But I guess no use keep looking at the past. Rather lets see how it can be improved upon in the rest three sems out here. i said improved coz it definitely cannot be repaired. Now I know what it means by a  irreparable damage. Whats done has been done, it can’t be helped now. Time to move on.

Had my first cpc today. Quants. Well am happy with the quality of my answers but not the quantity of my answers. he he. Basically I did a few more than half of all the questions but I think whichever question I attempted I had it right. It also depends how the others fared. Lets see.

Well, about a quarter of the day is yet to come. Looking forward to it. Will start working on forum module with Mrinal for the CMSv2. Hope to fnish it by Monday, if provided, am not distracted  and stay in octa. Lately I have been spending quite sometime out of this place, sometime in room, other time out side campus.


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