Posted by: h4ck@lyst | January 16, 2008

All in a days work..

No one really knows how the next moment is gonna be like. I had thought that the day will begin in a particular fashion. It did not. Then halfway through the morning the mood went awry. Spent the day fuming off, was ^*&^%&^* by the end of the day and then suddenly from no where out of the blues happened something that I was slightly wishing would happen. Like they say “Hazaaron khwahishe aisi”. You keep looking for one thing or the other. And I know most probably am gonna end the day on a bad note but am not complaining. The good part, we finally had three classes today. Man it might sound weired but I am dying atleast fot the ime being to have classes. Know it sound weird but its weirder when you are looking forward to attend some classes and then there are next to none. :!

k.. enough of chat. Have to start planning my time now. Will do that tonight. CPCs start from tomorrow. Lets see where and how do I end up at the end of this sem. Though am much relaxed than I was at the beginning of V sem, but still its a lil troublesome.



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