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Surge 2008 IIT Kanpur

UPDATE:: Surge 2009 is out

Search for the above title on google and please do ping me if you get the actual page in the results. And not only this, on the actual site itself, if you click on the NIT students itself, then you ll be taken to a “To be announced page”.Its only when you manage to go back to the home page and click on announcement next to the NIT Student menu link that you get the page! Cases like this remind me the importance of SEO and good web programming. Well web programming its not a programming language per-se but looking into its various parts, especially cross browser support on feature rich website could be a daunting task. As a matter of fact if you search for the actual link in google by putting the link itself in the google search bar, as of Jan 15, 2008, 2300 Hrs, it gives zero results. Though this post of mine could change the results, so I thought I’ll put in a screenshot!Surge 2008

The actual Surge 2008 page is here.

2008 SURGE Programme Announcement
for NIT Students

All Second and Third Year Undergraduate Students of NITs

The Institute is pleased to announce the Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence (SURGE) Programme at IIT Kanpur for the summer of 2008. This programme aims to encourage undergraduate student research and is open to all second and third year undergraduate students of National Institutes of Technology across the country. Please note that this programme is different from other summer jobs/internships that IIT Kanpur usually offers.

The salient features of the 2008 SURGE Programme are:

(a) Second and third year students of the undergraduate programmes can take up short duration but focused research projects and push their intellectual abilities beyond those learnt in the classrooms. Students who need to undergo formal summer training may seek approval in writing from the respective college authorities before applying.
(b) The duration is 10 weeks, beginning 05 May 2008 till 11 July 2008.
(c) Students aspiring for the 2008 SURGE Programme must submit a research proposal, clearly stating the research problem which she/he wishes to undertake. Also, they must list names of three faculty members of IIT Kanpur who could be likely Research Mentors for supervising their proposed research to know more about research interests or faculty members of IIT Kanpur please visit the website of the institute ( The application should be submitted by 8th February, 2008.
(d) A lump-sum grant of Rs.10,000 will be to given to the selected candidates as stipend for the entire 10 weeks duration. Further, those among the selected candidates who produce exceptional quality research will be awarded a commendation certificate and an additional cash award of Rs.10,000. The criteria for exceptional quality research will be determined by the SURGE committee and will be intimated to the students at the start of the programme.
(e) The total number of these grants for NIT students is fixed at 30 this year; the number may be increased if more funds become available. The recipients of the grant will be chosen from the pool of applicants for the 2008 SURGE programme.
(f) Selected candidates who will participate in the programme at IIT Kanpur have to submit an initial report & a mid term report (up to a maximum of 300 words). At the end of the weeks a detailed technical report summarizing the work needs to be submitted. The progress in the research will also be assessed by an oral presentation and a poster presentation by the student during the course of their 10 weeks stay.
(g) Timeline for 2008 Summer Undergraduate Research Programme Selection (IIT Kanpur students): Announcement of 2008 SURGE Programme :: 7th January 2008
Submission of Application Packets :: 8th February 2008
Announcement of Selected Students :: 17th March 2008

Application Procedure

The application form for 2008 SURGE Programme of IIT Kanpur is available on-line. It should be completed and the associated documents should be submitted to the office of the Dean, Resource Planning and Generation by 8th February, 2008.

Please note that the application packet should include:

(a) A print out of the application form for the 2008 SURGE Programme duly filled by the student. It is available at A clear statement of the proposed research problem that she/he wishes to undertake during the programme is critical towards selection of the student. It should also contain a justification as to why the candidate has the necessary background and skills to attempt and complete the research problem.

(b) The certificate of recommendation should be endorsed by the Head of the Department of the student’s specialization for 2008 SURGE Programme. The grade sheet and any other document that the student considers relevant and the recommendation form should be sent to IIT Kanpur office at the address given below. Please note that IIT Kanpur office will act upon the application only after the recommendation form has been received.

In case of any enquiry regarding the application form, please contact:

Mrs. Anamika Dixit Vajpai (e-mail:;)
Office of the Dean, Resource Planning and Generation
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur-208016
(Room No. 264, Tel. 512-2597326)

If you have a query on 2008 SURGE Programme of IIT Kanpur, write an email to

So, welcome to the 2008 edition of SURGE Programme at IIT Kanpur!!

S. S. K. Iyer
Faculty Member In-charge
2008 SURGE Programme @ IIT Kanpur


  1. thanks you peopels.

  2. […] I mentioned in my Surge 2008 post, that because of the link being “on click” rather  than the usual “a […]

  3. thanks a million!!!

  4. Is it also applicable for students of other colleges like PEC,Chandigarh (Deemed University).

  5. Sorry, as far as I know its open only for NIT s.

  6. is it not applicable for who r doing mca frm nits

  7. As far as I know, its only for undergraduates. Also the deadline for this year is anyway over..(feb 8)

  8. sir i wants’ to get knowledge of traning in iit kanpur.
    i m student of B.E.(E.C.) 2nd year. please response.

  9. Hi Ashwani,
    SURGE is open only for NIT students. You have to send in a proposal upon which you ll like to work along with some recommendation from your HoD and any other details as per required by the SURGE program. You can now only apply for SURGE 2009 and the applications will start sometime in January 2009.

  10. is it available for students frm other colleges.
    if yes, then how do get enrolled??

  11. @ Ankita:
    Sorry, its only for students from the NITs.

  12. when the form for SURGE ’09 will be out???plz reply…m frm NITK

  13. can students of IT-BHU Varanasi also apply for it????
    if yes then how??
    please reply

  14. surge 2009 application is out. Check this..

  15. […] 2009 is here.. Going by the amount of traffic I still get on my last year’s surge post, I thought its wise and fair that I should post about this one as […]

  16. […] by the amount of traffic I still get on my last year’s surge post, I thought its wise and fair that I should post about this one as […]

  17. […] by the amount of traffic I still get on my last year’s surge post, I thought its wise and fair that I should post about this one as […]

  18. sir,
    i’m a student of NIT kurukshetra
    sir, please tell me about about that project which have to be submitted.
    and what is the difference between normal summer training in IIT K and training under SURGE -2008.?

  19. sir tell me about that project ..?

  20. sir,
    may i know about the the normal trainig in IIt kanpur..
    i’m an student of NIT kurukshetra.(2nd yr ,B.Tech.)
    and i want to know how this SURGE -2008 is different from Normal training in IIT kanpur…??

    • Hi Vikram,
      The “normal” training or project means you shoot off a mail to your concerned prof saying am so and so , ve done so and so and want to do a project and if the prof likes your resume etc and accept you, you go in there and do the project solely under the guidance of that prof. In surge you apply in the given format, get a recco from your dept hod, write a sop about the project you ll like to do and if selected the IIT K provides you with entire facilitiy to do the project.
      And btw, it aint surge 2008 but rather surge 2009 that you will be applying for :p
      For more details, you should contact the person mentioned in the contact page 🙂 check this post for updated information.

  21. did u mean that
    i’m not eligible for SURGE-2008??
    but it is written in the announcment above that it is for 2nd yr also.??

    • Vikram,
      do you really think you can get into SURGE 2008 when the year 2008 itself is gonna be over in the next 13 days? Read the date of the post and the content carefully. And if thats the status of your attention, then I do wish you all the very best for your application to SURGE 2009.
      PS: Dont you think these queries of yours should rather be sent to SURGE administrators and not me?
      And just to lend you even some more help, here is my post about SURGE 2009 that you might find to be useful.
      Surge 2009 is out

      And some more here


  22. I am doing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Amity University and i wanna know can I apply for traing at IITK…..

  23. respected sir/mam,
    i m a student of computer science 6th semester.i want to do the summer training in iit kindly send me the details of how i can apply for it.thanking you.yours sincerely.mamta

  24. sir
    can u please tell me the procedure to do the normal training not SURGE -2009.
    wat to do for this…….???

  25. i want the information about the summer training in iit kanpur for students persuing enggineering under graduation.

  26. Sir,
    thanks fr ur valuable gauidence..
    sir can u tell me something about the fees being charged for training in IIT Kanpur,
    because there is an indication in the application form of Summer Enternship (available in IITK’s website).
    And sir, kindly tell me about the areas of research which be beneficial for my branch which is Industrial Engineering.
    please respond soon sir….
    thank u ……

  27. sir
    i m a 3rd yr student of uttar pradesh technical university,lucknow. can i involve in surge-09 during my summER vacation?
    i m a student of electronics & communication engg.
    if not plz tell me how can i apply for summer training in iit kanpur?

    • @mayank:
      surge 2009 application is over.

  28. Sir,
    I m a 3rd yr student of B.Tech. [C.S.].. n I want to do a Summer Internship at IIT Kanpur.. Can u pls let me know d process to get into it..
    Thnking u in anticipation..

  29. respected
    i am intrested in research work .my 2nd year starts .i want to some useful tips in concentrate in my computer programing .
    thanking you…..
    {}(3d sem)

  30. respected
    i want to do summer training in iit kanpur in information technology.i’m in 2 year btech in hbti kanpur & my branch is information technology.i want your suggestion.
    vijay laxmi singh
    2 btech it (hbti kanpur)

  31. hello sir,
    this is praveen from kalinga university, bbsr in 3rd mechanical engineering . i want to know whether the students from other colleges except of IIT or NIT can apply for surge 2010 or not. n please suggest me a research project for mechanical engineering dept. in IITK.

    • hi Praveen!
      Yes in Surge 2010 students from other colleges could apply. Unfortunately the last date was 12th February.
      Better luck next time.

      read more here:

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