Posted by: h4ck@lyst | January 8, 2008

Received a invite from a friend about Well its a site that lets you have a email address like Well it could be nice to have such mails for many people to whom their institute is unable to provide an institutional email id. Also it is something that you can keep even after you get out of your college. For example, my college provides us email ids like but that cease to exists once you pass out of here. The mail id forwards all the mails sent to ur account to your normal gmail account. Basically doesnt provide any inbox but just an email alias. Like the way works. (email slightly modified to prevent bots from taking it up) . There is no inbox for the core. Any mail to the core id gets forwarded to the individual mail id s of the core members.

Well it could be a nice effort, and like many it also has a invite your friends from your gmail account feature, but still there were quite a few things about the site that needs to be cautious about. Its a not all that secure site. It doesnt have https://  even on login pages. It claims NOT to save your gmail account information. But it does save your password in clear text  or in a way using which your password can be reproduced, in whatever db they use. I think I can say so coz I immediately tried the forget your password link to confirm what my user id was.(its rather than just username) And they sent me back my password! Now had they used a encryption like say MD5 (the only one that I mostly use other than SSHA , SHA, encrypt and md5crypt, that too just for my ldap account), then as far as I know it would not have been possible to send back the actual password cause its not all that real easy to decipher/decrypt a md5 hash. Though I know little about the other encryptions. If you go to any major sites forgot your password link, you can, after authenticating your identity in one way or other reset your password but you certainly never get  back your actual password. Hmm.. I might be wrong about this but some how the site made me frown as soon as I saw my actual password mailed back to me:(


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