Posted by: h4ck@lyst | January 6, 2008


Well, I was late while signing onto facebook, and now all the scoble cry and the blog storm that ensued has been a kinda eye opener.

Well, google does provide you an option of deleting your account. While it might not really delete your data from the google servers, it does hide it from anyones’ eyes and I guess thats what mostly people are interested in. Apparently, facebook doesn’t provide you with any such utility of deleting your account. Though it does have a disable account facility but you can re activate your account at any time later and all your account data is reinstated as such. So, maybe its worth a while to get some script running that violates Facebooks’ Terms and they’ll ban your account, effectively deleting your account. It seems that a hell lot of people on facebook do want to delete their account, looking at it by the way people were asking for the script that led to the account disabling,. It wont be late before some enterprising hacker comes up with another such simple script that leads to your account being disabled. Imagine paying up to delete your own info that you yourself put up willingly online 🙂


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