Posted by: h4ck@lyst | December 14, 2007

Raju Anna..

Well all the nittians can instantly recognise and link themselves to the person or rather the place being talked about. Actually Raju Anna is a subdivison in the overall class called the gate. The other methods available in this class are Bamboos, (some unnamed function in b/w bamboos and Raju Anna, yet to be properly defined and having very poor memory management and resource utilization), Samfox, recently added member function Azeez(its now exactly a sem old). Ok. Well those of you who are not so tuned in, these are the places of interest that you can visit when your lady luck has decided to confound upon you four years of solitary confinement in some remote place known as NIT trichy. There are a couple of a lil more entertaining facilities available in a place a lil further away known as city and chatram (Ya even officially NIT trichy falls under rural Trichy), but they simply loose out on the fact that they are not all that accessible owing to their distance from the concerned area of interest and hence are more popularly known and famous for weekend getaways. For the weekdays and the working weekends(more often than not rather) its usually these ‘gate’ways that help an average NITTian to survive for four years.

Well in a lil more lay man’s terms these places are eatery joints or rather calling them in a more apt way “dhaba”, a distant poor cousins of their highway counterparts  “motels”. Hmm.. the menu consists of some chicken preparations which all taste the same and couple of veg ones like PBM(Paneer Batar masala for the uninitiated, or is it supposed to be butter?), malai kofta, kalagi(an egg preparation that resembles poached eggs, gobhi preparations like gobhi masala and gobhi 65 and Raju Anna exclusive “Bhaturas”. Well its these bhaturas that mad eme write all these about the gate. Bhaturas have always been my favourites. But somehow I dint like Raju Anna place before. Even today the only thing I like out there are gobhi masala, gobhi 65 and bhaturas. And that place is definitely much faster than Bamboos. The Azzez comes in between when it comes to serving time. Owing to a lil better ambience, the waiting doesn’t look so gruelsome out there. the best things to order at Azeez are the stuffed parathas’, usually known as  just “Parathas” or “Paranthas” depending upon how you decide to call them. The aaloo and gobhi paronthas(another pronunciation) are the best closely followed by the paneer ones.

The campus also has a staff canteen working from 7 in the morning till 7 in the evening(though anyone can go in), another canteen that works upto 10 in the night and a snacketeria thats open only till 7pm. These places are good enough but not suitable for people like me who look at the time and realise that its 1030 or 11 in the night and if they dont hurry then even the gate will close.  Samfox, has some burgers etc along with some routine stuff like dosa etc. They also server Maggi, though noodles are commonly available at almost all eateries in the place.

The usual bill for one person’s dinner is in the range of 30-50 though one can also manage with Rs 20(a bhatura and half gobhi masala, @Rs 10 each or one egg weech@Rs20) .Almost all the gate places serve cold drinks which are preferred by most diners over the water served out there coz no matter how often we eat out there, its usually an untold understanding that its better and safer to avoid the water, even at the better looking Azeez. Even in the city at times its better to avoid the water thats served and pacakaged water will be preferred.More so at times like these when its raining continuously.


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