Posted by: h4ck@lyst | December 14, 2007

Finally all alone!

Well Ankit and Sahil have left this evening. And that means am all left to myself in this sunlab! Just me and my mistress! Gee.. he he..

anyway, have been thinking about a lot of things that I can blog about over the last couple of days. But the workload and my laziness was keeping me from following them up. Some of the things I thought about sharing over here was..

My experience with tomato rice.

Raju Anna, Bamboos and the gate.


Recent changes on campus

and a couple more that I dont remember right now.

Well now am not really in a mood to go over all these right now straight away, but maybe will go over them one by one just to kill time.

That reminds me I have to send a mail as well

And why do I always run after things that just seem to run outta hands. Maybe its human nature, maybe its just me or rather my callousness. If I like something and that thing becomes easily available or within reach then I instantly loose all, argh well almost all interest in it. But the moment its told to me that am not going to get that, then I ll do anything within my reach to get that. I have always been like this, ever since I can remember.


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