Posted by: h4ck@lyst | December 14, 2007

bulleteproof chappatis.

Well I talked about quite a number of eateries in an around campus. But what what about the mess???

A  2004 post  by sidin says it all

“Anything from “Pardes” rushed me back to first year engineering. Again one of the few tapes we had in our first year hostel. And our source of solace from the seniors. “oh blady dy dy, oh blada da da….” pansy lyrics but evokes memories of bulletproof chappatis, that first drink and finding shortcuts to town so that those seniors dont catch you. First year was also when many people learnt boy bands werent cool anymore. Floyd, GnR, Iron Maiden. “What!!!…” the seniors shouted..”YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF LED ZEP???”. No sir I had not. ”

Well nothing much has changed. Though they are planning a mega mess now on the IIT lines. True things have improved but still a lots left to be desired. All the messes on campus something what we call as dog rice. Please dont treat it as a feed for your pet cannine, it will be insulted by something of this standard. The bread pakodas are nice though.

And in the private mess they have flavoured water. They like to call it milk, but honestly its nothing more than a lil hot water with some white colour. Actually you can see through it whilst you pour it from one tumbler to another to cool it.

The dosas in the mess are altogether a different story. The second year mess was a lil better in terms of dosa, especially after we did a sitout in front of the mess. The first year dosa, I still remember we used to use it for wiping up the table w/o as much as even breaking the 7mm thick dosa.


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