Posted by: h4ck@lyst | December 11, 2007

— — —

My first n only poem so far…

“———————————“{I don’t like the title anymore.}”

The aura of your beauty
The charm of your smile,
the warmth of your company
the serenity of your presence.
These are but a few things
that I miss.
But the saga of your friendship
is something that I am gonna adore
for the rest of my life.

coz it was only after I met you
I knew I have met life.

Life’s a precious gift
and friends like you
are accolades of life

Life’s precious
and you are priceless.

I know this
coz I’ve bathed in the gleam
of your friedship

And I never thought I’ll have to
but its time to bid adieu
So I say the Good byes
with only one hope one desire
That may when we meet again
on some crossroads of life
Its only the good time we talk of
and let the rest be forgotten about”



  1. lagta hai wapas se bhoot sawar ho gaya hai tujhe! sahi hai…
    Yenjoy puttar!

    ps: tu to gaya!

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  3. Oye… tu kab se shaayar ban gaya???

    But seriously re! mast likha hai.. 😀
    keep it up!!

  4. gee.. thanks.. its a real old one albit… way back during XII boards:!

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