Posted by: h4ck@lyst | December 8, 2007

webservers and brute force!

Its not an easy job running a webserver when people out there keep trying to break into your server.

Some interesting data for the two two webservers that I have currently access to:


btmp begins Sun Apr 29 09:20:09 2007
[root@www ~]# lastb|wc -l


btmp begins Sun Aug 26 22:25:22 2007
[root@pragyan anshu]# lastb|wc -l

So both and (and similar other webservers around the world) are constantly under break in attempts.


I ve been dealing with a paid webhost service provider. And the service is so damn poor. Its a senior of mine who s been using it and am taking care of it for the time being. I found my free webhosting (though with ads) to be a lot better than the paid one. lolz


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