Posted by: h4ck@lyst | December 7, 2007

Multiple login.. n a lil more.

Facebook doesnt allow multiple login for a single user. That is a single user may be signed in only from on place at a time. Well it does make sense almost all the times. Almost, coz there are times when I ve three different browsers opened in 3 vncs’ on three different servers and I cant be signed onto facebook in all the three. With google its not so. True its a security feature and something that we have implemented in our pragyan cmsv2 as well. That reminds me. I have to study on cookies vs session. Right now we are using cookies for v2. And it seems to be a very robust one. Just that we are checking them up in each and every transaction with the client. Thats why Sahil wants to change it over to sessions. But talking with Pari, he had suggested to stick with cookies. Also ve to find out more on AFS. Pari told us abt AFS and we had a very inresting discussion through out the day!


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