Posted by: h4ck@lyst | December 7, 2007


Got my copy of this months “Readers Digest”. Just read one article as I had to leave. Well, I might subscribe to Digit also next year. If only am more assured of the delivery. Well.

plan to read up more of Mario Puzos’. The Omerta is next on my list. Will buy it off sometime next wek I guess. And have to spend more time with my books now. Its panick time.

Have finished off all the work listed out by sahil for the week. It was hardly a weeks work though. At the max it was 2 or 3 night outs. I guess we out here in this college measure time by means of “night outs”. We do 1 night out  for the cycle tests, 3 for the semesters and innumerable ones out here in sunlab:)  For the majority of the NITTian junta its I guess a nightout playing CS or DOTA or watching a movie or  a sitcom. Though the best time for watching movies is during exam time. When the entire wing collects up into whichever room is playing the latest release 🙂

Exams are the only time when we manage to get proper sleep hours and regular feeding time. Coz then you feel that you should sleep properly so that you can stay awake in the exam hall rather than dozing off  in there. 😉  Also the attendance in mess becomes more regular coz you feel that it will be a wastage of time going over to gate for the dinner.


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