Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 26, 2007

Growing old.. n formal.

Am growing to be an adult. No am not talkin about the legal 18 yrs and all that but just the way people call you in professional communication. So I guess now I have to get used to being called Mr.Prateek. hmm.. it has happened thrice in the last fortnight. I got a call yesterday asking whether the caller was indeed talkin to Mr.Prateek. hmm.. the week before I got a post. I wasn’t in room at the time. Had gone to mess.The delivery boy went to the next room and asked if there lives anyone by the name of Prateek. The post was addressed tok Mr.A Prateek. hmm.. The friend said no. When the guy again asked if there was indeed no A Prateek in nearby room that he realised that it was me being talked about, Anshu Prateek.

Welcome to a whole new world Mr.Prateek.


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