Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 25, 2007

some more..

Its not always just the technical blog that gets you up on google’s ranklist.. sometimes anything just arbit and completely personal gets you up there. True not amny people will look for anything like that but someone just might.. and getting that extra page hit(no matter how useless that is) never hurts..

For example I saw in my blog stat that someone had querried for target 110. Now I usually  search for the

querries myself and see where do I rank in those searches on google. And this time it was a pleasant surprise.. Again

on top.. hmm I know these are useless things but they do give you useless ego boosts.. 🙂

And what is the technocrati site all about. Have heard a lot of it, seen a lot of it but never actually used it. The thing that made me quote is another of my entries in my blogstats.. 

Have to customise my opera a hell lot. Whenever I middle click in the compose window of say gmail or wordpress,
it directly takes me to the url rather than pasting the content in there..:(

And that too in the same window.. thanks to autosave or else I would have lost this entire post
when I middle clicked for the technocrati link above.

And something seem to be wrong with opera and wordpress too..

I mean the lines keep scrolling  to the left rather than coming to the next line. It does come to the next line once in a while though. Let me see how does this post look when its posted.

PS:: All the lines that had scrolls simply overflowed out of visible area into the widget bar on the right in the blog.. So I had to edit the post and manually put in new lines in all the lines that had scrolls..

PS to PS:: Its still overflowing out of the visible area.. I gues I’ll ve to go back to ff. Or Maybe try

some other browser which has better support for proxy password rememembrance. FF doesnt work all that

nice for me somehow with the proxy password.:(

And I guess I am using chumma in place of arbit tag now.. 😉


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