Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 25, 2007

facebook.. n more!

Finally I joined facebook almost an year an half after I received my first invite to join it. Readin about Amit’s talk where he recommended facebook over another similar site helped me made the decision. Also the fact and a co-incidence that I talked to an old friend back from school and she also asked me to see her pics on her facebook profile. Whatever..

I was surprised to receive a call from a Dell executive on a sunday. Aren’t they supposed to be working 5 days

a week. Well am certainly not complaining .  I mean they responded to my query in less than 24 hours and that too on a weekend. Well I can be strife about her waking me up from my nice afternoon slumber but I ain’t complaining. Though she sure as hell

did looked in a hurry to finish off the conversation. But I guess they are trained that way.

Anyway, is it true that they ship different motherboard for a laptop with a discrete GPU rather than from one

with inbuilt one?

So basically if I want to buy one without a discrete GPU and then upgrade it myself, it wont be possible without

changing the motherboard. As per what the lady told me, the integrated one doesnt have a slot for the GPU at all..

hmm.. I wonder how true it is but I ll rather not take the risk.. Anyway thats a long time off and I ll wait for

further price drops..


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