Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 24, 2007

Opera experience..

Recently started using opera again after a long time. The first reason was coz it store the proxy password. FF doesnt. (Never saw the remember password option. Guess was always too busy to see that lolz ;))Now I dont usually store my passwords on non personal systems but I should always have the option right. Anyway.

Opera seem to have a lot of compatibility issues with google services. It should be called the other way I guess but the fact is that google seem to be setting standards for almost any and all online services..

Not just google, basically its opera’s issues with javascript I guess.

The fancy javascripts at also fail in opera 😦

Though there are some good things about opera as well.

Small-Screen Renderingâ„¢

Opera’s Small-Screen Renderingâ„¢ (SSR), offers a full Internet experience on mobile phones. SSR reformats the current page to fit the screen size of a mobile device — test in Opera by pressing Shift+F11 to make sure that your current pages work well.

hmm.. thats quite useful I guess. Especially since I found that the result was almost the same the way I get in my default browser in SE k750i phone. So maybe we can indeed use it for testing purposes..


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