Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 15, 2007

counting the hours.

The paper was ok today. Was actually really chaat. The only solace was that I knew all the answers. Well almost all the answers except a 2 marker which I did almost wrong. Might get half a mark for that at the max.

Came back to room. And started missing her so much. Typed out a message first to Ankit, na then to Sapna, still naa.. finally chucked it all.  Started going through my inbox to see her messages. Earlier I had to empty my inbox about every 24 hours. Now I guess its been a couple of days since I cleared it. Anyway, went through her last two messages a couple of times. Ya, am sad but thankfully it doesnt pain. I can wade through my life with sadness, burying myswlf deep into work, giving myself not even enough time to die. But its so different with the pain. Even death seems so sweet at times. But it shall not be yours when you want it. So at the end of the day, am again back here with my mistress. Have to go back and study for IMSM.

I guess am now counting hours for my first 24 hours to go by without messaging her. I messaged her last at around 10 last night and her last message was at 730 this morning. I didnt replied to her again coz else the ball would again have been in her court and I would have to wait for the reply. I hate to wait. So 12 more hours to go by. I ll again be so alone. But I guess thats my usual self. Being alone and doing all that I want, doing all that I can is my destiny. And am not complainig all that much.

And I guess I must tell who the girl was to Ankit. I mean I didnt tell him on two previous counts coz even before I could say anything, he went off saying he was wondering whats wrong with me. Today again I saw them. Rather they walked out together right after the exam.ok chuck it. Its becoming chaat to myself.

From ankit’s blog

“ps: and ya for yesterday,definitely it was not a coincidence!”

Am wondering what he s been referring to.

Anyway, anything more?

hmm.. I dont think so. So thats all will be it for the day. What shall I do now? Dinner? Where? I guess maggi only else I ll sleep. And ya, yesterdays blog was the longest I ve ever written. I guess there was so much in me which I wanted to talk out to. Unfortunately there s no one to whom I can talk out. So I talk to the world. No offence meant Ankit, you know what I mean. Hey what is this? Is this blog of mine becoming a way of conversation with you or what. ha ha. Chaat.

I just hope none of my future employees get to know about all these. Unfortunately, am still searchable on google. Not that I mind!



  1. You havent told me abt her YET!! 😛

  2. its her only dude 😛

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