Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 14, 2007

Its over :)

No the exams have just started today. A week yet to go before it will be over.

Why the smiley? I somehow always find myself smiling in case of a crisis. And the smile comes involuntrarily. Somewhere from inside. Even though I might feel like crying but the smile would be there. No am not a person who always keeps smiling.

And yes, maybe its a crisis. After a long time I was thinking about someone in midst of an exam. I mean while I was there sitting in the exam hall, supposed to be writing the paper, I was just thinking about her. And so I have decided (or maybe so I want to think that I have decided) that it better be over now. Am not even gonna try right now. Dont know whether its worth a try or not. Yeah you are a lovely girl, you are a sweetheart, but am not letting anyone take control of my life. But the irony is that I ll be happy if someone comes forward and takes the charge of my life. Would love it if it were someone like you but sorry to say that I always knew that it was so not happening.

Yeah my heart was aching to see you but then I moved away. And I was so jealous of that friend of mine, who was just moving along with someone else. Ya she s another desirable girl. And I should say I always liked her. Whatever.

I was sad after the paper. Or maybe I was sad after I moved out of the CSE building. Initially I said and thought that I was sad coz the paper didnt go all that well. And then I started wondering whether it was really that or was it you? Was is the sadness of not being able to see you or not being able to talk to you.

Just had a small chat with VP. Vishal. One nice chap. The coversation was a bit lightning.

Mobile blogging. Got my gprs activated. I was surprised. They have changed. About an year ago it used to take 24 hrs. Now it was done in 10 miutes flat. But the cost is killing. 30 paise per 20 kb. No ways. I ll stick to my free college 8Mbps broadband for the timebeing.

And it feels nice to receive good luck wishes from seniors. 🙂 Ashwin messaged me today. And I also promptly messaged some of my juniors. Others who have been in my fav list are Hari and Shah and at times, Dhruv. Sahil met me in sunlab earlier today so wished me there only 🙂

Though the reasons I feel thankful to Dhruv are completely different. Some other blog on that some other time. I guess I have already blogged about Hari once before. Will blog that again also some time l8r.

Just preparing my first CV after I got into college. 🙂


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