Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 13, 2007

Exam time.

Exams are on the way, starting from tomorrow. My Readers Digest copy hasnt arrived as of yet and here I was planning to gift a subscription to my brother. And I so much hate it when he keeps whining and cribbing all the time. I know I was there once not too long ago but still. And next sem I guess am going to opt for a service that lets me blog from the mobile. Harshad already has it. Basically just get  the  gprs  facility activated again.

And now about her. Maybe am reading too much where there exists nothing. Every message that comes rekindles a hope that its you, but thou shall not be it. Whats happening? Thanks for all. Am wondering whether I should straight forward walk out and away or should I just linger around. Am not all that scared now but still, its not all that easy yet. Should I let it all be over or should I just let it be? What am I expected to do?

Not much time, lets wait and watch. It will all be over soon. And who knew something spoken in jest would really turn out to be so true. I guess am really scaring myself off now. Was it better earlier? Naa.. its definitely much better now. Thank you and thanks again. Maybe thats my way of saying I love you. Who knows.


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