Posted by: h4ck@lyst | November 2, 2007

Can I help you?

I have found a no. of visitors to my blog from yahoo looking for things that we out here in NITT use on a daily basis. So I thought maybe I can help visiotors with their querries. Well just in case you do come across this post while looking for something related to linux or networking, just put it in the comments, I ll try to get an answer to  it.

I know there exists numerous helping forums and expert irc chatrooms and what not. Truly saying, this is just an effort to earn some more traffic to my blog. Don’t worry I don’t infect your comp with spyware or any other malware. And am no expert. Most probably I ll take the help of my seniors of the like of Hari and Sahil or the ones  who are already out of college and working like Visahl, Alagu or Pari or my peers like Suren or Yazhini or Ankit at times. It ll also help me in the process to learn new things I guess. So keep the queries coming.


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